1. theocdfeminist:

    I made a thing! Feel free to add onto it! Especially about treatment cause I know next to nothing, like I said in the slide.


    1. Person who thinks they have OCD: I always have to organize my things a certain way or it just drives me CRAZY!
    2. Person with OCD: I always have to organize my things a certain way or my whole family will die in a car crash this evening.

  2. ocd101:

    • Wanting things to be Symmetrical.

    • Ordering everything around them.

    • Wanting things to be “perfect”, exact.

    • Seeking that feeling of “Just Right”.

    • Preoccupation with aligning items such as papers, books in a certain “perfect” way.
    • Reluctancy to throw things away, independent of…

  3. ocd101:

    Actions That Are Commonly Repeated.

    • Touching objects/people.
    • Checking whether something is safely closed, safely turned off ( Such as a electrical appliance/Stove.)
    • Counting.
    • Washing your hands.
    • Getting up out of a chair.
    • Putting something down or picking something up.
    • Reading,…
  4. ocd101:

    This is either really good, or really bad


  5. ocd101:

    Common obsessions include:

    • Fear of dirt or contamination by germs.
    • Fear of causing harm to another.
    • Fear of making a mistake.
    • Fear of being embarrassed or behaving in a socially unacceptable manner.
    • Fear of thinking evil or sinful thoughts.
    • Need for order, symmetry, or exactness.


  6. Hand Sanitizer


    I used to use it like every time I touched something other than my computer.. but one time, I went to the eye doctor and he told me that if you use it three times without washing with soap and water, the third time it’ll actually attract germs. So, I only use it once after using soap. So that just makes me use soap WAY more. If I put hand sanitizer on my hands to many times my hands start to feel unclean again. That’s why I love soap :)

  7. (Source: ocdproblems)

  8. humorinrecovery:

    Finding out that my intrusive thoughts were OCD and not me being an evil person


  9. sisky:

    please please please don’t mess with someone who has ocd’s routines. it’s not funny and it’s not just “messing around” to them. my dad does this to me and all it does is upset and frustrate it’s not fun for anyone.